Protecting your Home and your Family from Electro Smog

Our first consideration here is to identify who, precisely, is at risk from electro smog.

Unless you live in an area without electricity and where there is no mobile ‘phone reception, the answer is everyone. If you live in a town or city then every member of your family (including family pets) is constantly exposed to electro smog from several sources.

  • The wiring in your home
    Electrical devices in your home (especially computers as one sits very close to them)
    The cordless ‘phones in your home
    The wiring, electrical devices and cordless ‘Phones in your neighbour’s home
    Mobile ‘phone transmitter towers
    Mobile ‘phones being used by others in and/or near your building

 Because there is no natural mechanism within biological systems to cope with or to remove the chaotic scalar waves and other energies being pumped into you 24 hours each and every day (the problem has, after all, not yet been in existence for a single century so far) the effects trend to be cumulative. After a discrete level of exposure which, naturally, will vary considerably from person to person, the organic systems being stressed by the electro smog will collapse. Many millions experience this as such intense pain that they are unable to leave their houses. Millions more suffer from chronic lethargy, fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), confusion, lack of concentration and learning ability, organ malfunction, chaotic growths (e.g. cancer) and a whole host of other maladies.

The Harmony Technology gives three separate ways of eliminating the disastrous results of electro smog for you.

1)      As we have seen on the “Your Mobile” page and in the introductory videos, attaching a Harmony Mini to the battery of your Mobile’ phone will tackle the problem there. The same applies, of course, to your cordless ‘phones with the difference that because you can reach both the transmitter and the receiver you can apply Harmony Minis to both sources of electro smog (the handset and the base unit).

2)      The Harmony Evolution gives each person wearing it an average of around 80% protection from electro smog. This “average” is dependent upon where you are. In many areas, the protection is, for all intents and purposes, 100%. If, however, you stand at a point where the radiations from three unharmonised mobile ‘phone towers node, then your protection may be as low as 20%. Because such places feel very uncomfortable, you will tend not to remain there for very long.
To protect your person, carrying a Harmony evolution over your thymus gland will neutralize most if not all of the wild radiations for you.  
If you are an extreme sufferer you may need up to 4 Harmony evolutions, one each on the wrists and ankles to achieve personal immunity.

3)      Our experience over the last seven years in removing electro smog problems from many large office buildings has lead us to develop a device with which anyone can do the same to his/her home or business without having to pay out some thousands for one of our experts to examine the building and install the devices. This same device has also shown itself to be very effective in removing problems caused by a wide variety of other problems such as underground rivers, disharmonic proportions, incorrect building alignment etc. You can see full details on this Harmony United webpage.


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