The Harmony Devices

There are four Harmony Devices which are relevant to removing electro smog from your life:

The Harmony Mini which is self-adhesive and to be attached to the battery of your mobile ‘phone. With cordless ‘phones, one Harmony Mini is to be attached to the rear of the base unit and the other above the batteries of the handset as in the photos here:

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These are normally sold in sets of four. Not only excellent for all of your telephones but, as one doctor in Munich discovered, excellent for your feet as well! More details here.

N.B. The Harmony Mini was originally called the Harmony Phone Chip. As, in many languages other than english, the word "chip" is presumed to mean something to do with computers we decided to re-name this device to avoid the constant communication problems.

The Harmony Evolution is the principle device for bringing order and optimal function to any biological system. This device is worn over your thymus gland. It is either affixed with a cloth surgical tape directly onto your skin or placed into a small cotton, linen or silk pouch (under no circumstances should leather be used) and hung around your neck or pinned to the inside of your clothing with two safety pins - only through the pouch; never puncture the Harmony Evolution itself!

By making your own body’s energy more coherent, it removes electro smog from resonance with you so that it, literally, passes through you with no effect. From this point outwards, a gradual ordering of your body’s information energy flows will be brought about. This leads inevitably to improved function of both body and mind. Although some benefits of wearing a Harmony Evolution may be noticed very quickly, it is the long-term effects which are the most dramatic. The daily micro-corrections, often too fine to be noticed individually, will, accumulatively over the first two years, bring about improvements to your life which, in retrospect often astonish users.
Details of other personal applications here.

Details of the technology itself here.

The Home and Office Harmoniser is the device which was created to enable anyone to correct the entire environmental energy in their home and/or workplace within a few minutes. There are two points of application: Over the middle of the entrance door on the inside of the building/flat etc. or upon the door to the electrical fuse box. Some buildings react best with the one and some best with the other. Should neither bring about the desired effect then there are unusual special problems present and you should seek a free consultation with one of the Harmony United experts via this contact form.

The device does not have to be visible and will even function perfectly hidden behind wallpaper, a picture or a wall ornament.
Further details of the Home and Office Harmoniser here:


For much larger buildings where there is also considerable movement of quite large numbers of people, we have developed our latest device “Project Omega”. This has now passed ALL of it’s tests to the delight of the sport halls, supermarkets and market gardens who agreed to be test subjects. Not only have conflicts between personnel and customers virtually disappeared, absenteeism has almost gone, certain health issues have been resolved (in one case completely eliminating the need for surgery) and turnover has increased.

The Omega is something which no good business can do without! Production is now running and the “Omega” has been in the Harmony Shop since the 19th of August 2010.

All of the Harmony United devices can be obtained by mail order directly from the manufacturer via this link.

All of the Harmony United devices have a six month right of return satisfaction guarantee and a ten year (personal usage) or five year (commercial usage) function guarantee. These function guarantee restrictions are imposed upon us by law in many countries - it’s not something that we have thought up. In point of fact, the first prototypes from September 1989 are still functioning 100%! Full details here: