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Some of the most common problems in business premises are caused by electro smog!

  • Absenteeism
  • Lethargy & indolence
  • Miscommunication
  • Production and design errors
  • Clerical errors
  • Inter-personal conflicts
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Customer confusion (in shops and stores) leading to reduced sales turnover
  • Rapid deterioration of produce
  • Rapid personnel turnover

These may well also be further intensified by other problems such as disharmonic proportions (a very common problem with a very high proportion of buildings erected since 1960).

Clearly, demolishing your business premises and re-building them “properly” is rarely a viable option and would, in any event, do nothing to resolve electro smog problems.

Based upon our experience with the Home and Office Harmoniser we began, in the Summer of 2009, to experiment with designs which would resolve the problems above and, thus, to contribute to a better quality of life for all, including making honest businesses more profitable. (Caution! This device will cause dishonest businesses to collapse.)

The specific problems which we had to resolve were not so much the greater size as compared to a normal home but the fact that very much larger numbers of people are involved and that they frequently are not only present in one location for a quite short period but also that they must be effective immediately upon arrival. What is needed, therefore, is something which works very much faster but without increasing the intensity. The solution is a complex of many parts. It includes greater speed than the Home and Office Harmoniser but also has a wider frequency range which enables “fine adjustments” with a speed difficult to measure; nanoseconds are very slow in comparison. The effect is a harmonisation on the instant that any person walks through the door.


Most conferences and business presentations fail because the communication is distorted. This has not only to do with the shape, location and contents of the room but also with the preconceptions which hinder real communication and which each participant has brought with her/him. These can be set aside or, more correctly, taken out of resonance with the nature of the conference itself so that what is being shown or said will be seen without being filtered or overlaid by prejudices.

This greatly increases the success rate of conferences and presentations.

There is to be a table top model of “Project Omega” which can be taken to conferences which do not take place on your own premises where the “Omega” is, naturally, on the wall above the entrance door.

Trainings and lectures:

Here there may be several hundred people in one room. Each of these has their own unique energy structure which may or may not be harmonious with that of other participants. A limited span of attention and poor retention of the material presented is the usual result. “Project Omega” will eliminate these tensions resulting in much better assimilation of the course material etc. The “Omega” is to be positioned above the entrance door. It will function if stood upon the presentation table but not as effectively as above the entrance door.

Project Omega is scheduled to go into production in April 2010.

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